Conquering the First Year of College

college_freshman.jpgWhile making preparations for your freshman year of college there is typically plenty of advice given from family, friends, teachers and co-workers. Some of that advice may be greatly appreciated and some may not. There is a lot of pressure at this age. You are making decisions that will affect the rest of your life while growing up and learning to become independent. It should be a time to enjoy young adulthood, try new things and learn from life experiences. Here is some advice that you should not overlook when it comes to conquering the freshman year of college.

Have fun making your dorm room feel like home

First of all, one of the most fun aspects of preparing for college is furnishing the dorm room. When you learn who your roommate is going to be, give them a call. Get to know the person and figure out what each of you will be bringing to college. If you haven’t mastered the skill of sharing yet, get ready to do so. You will most likely be sharing a small fridge, comfy furniture like a small couch or comfy chair, a tv, movies, microwave, carpets and various other things to make the small room feel like home. You don’t have to be best friends with your roommate but you should be respectable and open-minded. If you aren’t interested in hanging out all the time consider joining a club, an intermural sport, greek life or just get to know your neighbors in order to make friends. Unlike high school there is a lot of time in between classes, studying, and eating so get involved. College is the time to try new things and meet new people.

Stay open-minded

It is anticipated that you will get a little homesick during your first couple days or weeks at college. Almost everyone around you is in the same boat and it does get better. You do need to push yourself to get to know people. A great way to make friends and get to know your surroundings is to invite fellow freshmen to take a walk around the campus or local area off-campus. While it is very important to make friends and create a support group right away it is vital to focus on yourself and learn to manage your time.

Balance is the key

Procrastination can get the best of some but once you can master some sort of balance between school work, extracurricular, social life and personal health and wellness, the stress fades away. Get the proper amount of rest. It is extremely easy to stay up late cramming for a test, watching a movie, or wandering the halls visiting friends but getting sleep should take priority. Of course, there are exceptions because after all it is college. But if you focus on keeping your body healthy all the rest will be much easier. Getting to bed at a decent hour will help avoid late night snacking and help conquer the infamous freshman 15 that can gradually escalate. So go to the gym with a friend after class and take the long walk to classes in order to get through the first year intact.

Things get better

As stressful as those first few weeks are, things get better. If you put in the effort it will catch up with you and college can be fun! Look past little things that might be awkward or scary and learn to conquer those fears and your freshman year.

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