More Tips for Your First Year of College

Tackling that first year in college is scary, exciting, and nerve-wracking but ultimately it is some of the best times of your life. You are starting a new chapter in your life–there is so much ahead and in store. Let’s add some more advice to your plate and remember to take everything in stride.

Don’t Skip Class

first_year.jpgCollege is considered some of the best years of your life but it is also the time in your life when you are accumulating debt in order to get an education. Make a schedule so you can work hard, but still have some time to play. You will have a lot more fun if you set goals for yourself on a regular basis. If you break down how much you are actually paying for each class you will probably be less likely to skip classes. Get involved in class discussions early on and your professors and peers will look up to you as a leader.

Take Advantage of Your Campus Offerings

Your professors are there to help you learn and they appreciate when you make the extra effort in your studies. Use their office hours to ask questions and seek clarification on information presented in class. The library offers great materials and expert resources for your benefit. You are paying to be there so don’t waste the opportunities placed before you.

Don’t Freak Out, Keep Working Hard

Yes, working hard to get good grades is important for your future but it doesn’t happen overnight. Don’t push yourself too hard so that everything starts to become overwhelming. Doing poorly on a test is not the end of the world, just be sure to not make it a habit. Yes, of course things will get stressful because the workload is different and college exams are intimidating but take a deep breath and conquer one thing at a time. Know your body and when to take a break and when to dig in deep.

Set Goals, Both Small and Large

College is all about testing yourself both physically, mentally and socially. It is important create incentives for yourself, because only you know how much you can accomplish. Set small goals each day and write things down in a schedule or a planner. For example, go to the library and write down what you need to get done, block yourself off from any distractions and focus on the present. Once you are done, you can award yourself by meeting up with friends, watching your favorite tv episode or going to the gym to work out. Set bigger goals like planning a trip with friends if you get A’s and B’s in all your classes. Everyone accomplishes things differently so figure out what works for you and stick to the plan.

Leave the Drama in High School

If you haven’t noticed yet, college is a lot different from high school in many ways. There should be no more high school drama. College is a time to let your independence spark and you learn how to be understanding and tolerant of those around you. Positive attitudes and open-minds need to start somewhere so it might as well start with you. Be understanding and aware of those around you and learn to be tolerant of new ideas. College will test you in many ways and the only way to get through it is by being yourself.

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