The Oslo International Summer School

What is OISS?

Oslo_UniversityOslo International Summer School (ISS) is a six week summer program located at the University of Oslo’s Blindern Campus in Oslo, Norway. The summer school program welcomes International students to create a community of learning, good will, and cultural understanding. Under-grad and Grad students can attend OISS to receive college credit, meet other young students from around the world, and experience a summer in the beautiful Norway. Approximately 550 students from around 90 different countries attend the summer school each year. Learn more by clicking here.

The History of OISS

In 1947 the ‘Summer School for American Students’ was started in Oslo, Norway. The summer school started as a good will offering to America, in thanks for the educational opportunities they provided to Norwegian students in America during and after World War II.  Well into the 1950’s the summer school changed to the ‘International Summer School’ as the number of non-American students increased. 26,000 students from over 150 countries have attended the summer school since its beginning in 1947.

OISS Mission Statement

The ISS is an academic center for learning in an international context, and a forum for fostering intercultural understanding. It aims at developing and conveying knowledge and at promoting understanding between people from different cultures. This dual purpose is reflected in the ISS motto:

“Six Weeks of Academic Achievement and International Good Will.”

The OISS Campus

OISS is part of the University of Oslo which was founded in 1811. The University is proud to be one of the oldest universities in Norway. With approximately 30,000 students each year the school is the largest University in Norway. The University campus is located in beautiful downtown Oslo while the OISS Blindern campus is located just 10 minutes outside of the city center by rail. Public transportation makes it very easy to get around in the city and if you need a little peace and quiet the woods and lakes of Nordmarka are just minutes away.

List if Accredited Courses Offered

Undergraduate Courses (in English)
  • Norwegian Architecture and Design
  • Art in Norway
  • Norwegian History
  • Gender Equality in the Nordic Countries
  • Scandinavian Film Genres
  • Norwegian Life and Society
  • Norwegian Literature
  • The Norwegian Welfare State
  • Scandinavian Government and Politics
  • International Politics

Graduate Courses (in English) 

  • Gender Equality in the Nordic Countries
  • Human Rights
  • International Community Health
  • A Changing Arctic
  • Engery, Environment and Sustainable Development
  • International Development Studies
  • Peace Research

Norwegian Language 

  •         Intensive Elementary Norwegian, Level I
  •         Intensive Intermediate Norwegian, Level II
  •         Intensivt mellomkurs i norsk, trinn III
  •         Intensivt kurs i norsk for viderekomne, trinn IV
  •         Nynorsk

How to Apply

Follow the step by step process on the OISS website. Click here.

Learn more about the Oslo International Summer School by visiting their facebook page.

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