Working Abroad: The Benefits

work_abroad.jpgFor the young and untethered, post graduate life is an opportunity to explore who you are as a person and your understanding of the world. Whether you are an adventure seeker, love to travel or simply want to gain valuable experience to assist in your career, after graduation you should consider finding employment in a foreign country. Not only can it benefit your professional life, it can also provide some of the best life experiences you’ll ever have. For example, working abroad can:

  1. Fund your travels. Picking up a temporary or seasonal job in a foreign country is a great way to keep the financial impact of your travels to a minimum. Or, if you are looking for more long term opportunities, such as teaching abroad, you may even have an opportunity to build your savings.
  2. Learn new skills. An obvious advantage to working abroad is the international experience. You will be showing future employers that you are conscious of the global community and capable of handling new experiences. Depending upon which country you end up in and the job you have, you may also have a chance to learn a new language or gain pertinent skills for your career.
  3. Build new relationships. On your travels it is inevitable that you will meet a diverse population of people. However, since working abroad will require you to remain in one place longer, you will have more time to build longer lasting relationships with the people you encounter.

There are many different opportunities available for someone who is interested in working overseas. While you could find a temporary job to fund your travels, you may also find a more substantial job that could help you gain valuable experience in your field of interest. To hear more about potential job opportunities abroad listen to Justin Jones’ Radical Travel.

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