Working Abroad: Questions to Ask Beforehand

moving_abroad.jpgMaking the decision to look for a job overseas can be both thrilling and terrifying. Working abroad will impact many different aspects of your life, from your relationships to your finances. While the advantages of working in a foreign country can be great, you should be certain that working abroad is the right choice for you before you uproot your life. To help you decide if working abroad is right for you, here are some important questions you should consider before working abroad:

  1. Why do you want to work abroad? There are many types of jobs available overseas. Knowing why you want to work abroad will help narrow the search. For example, if you want to spend the summer living in Oslo before going to graduate school, you will want to look for temporary positions and/or internships instead of long-term positions.
  2. How will working abroad affect your long-term career aspirations? Consider if this is the right time in your career to be working overseas. Be smart and use the experience to your advantage.
  3. How will you be paid? Be conscious of your finances. In what currency will you be paid? Where will you put the money you receive? Do you have a safety net in case you need to move back home?
  4. Where do you want to work abroad? Make sure you are eager to work in the country and community you have chosen. Be realistic in your expectations and research the country beforehand to ascertain if you will enjoy living there.
  5. Do you need to know a different language? Find out if you will need to know the local language for the job you want overseas. If you don’t need to be fluent, at least try to learn some simple phrases to assist with your transition into a new
  6. Will the move impact your current relationships? Friends and family may not always be supportive with your decision to work abroad. Knowing how you will keep morale high and maintain those relationships while living abroad can put them at ease. Will you video chat, email, talk on the phone, etc.? Also, consider your significant others. Will they be moving with you? Do they want to go to the same place? Is the move the best decision for them?
  7. What will you need to do before you leave? Be active in your preparation. Consider the everyday activities in your life and contemplate how they will transition with your move. Do you need visas, passports and/or vaccinations? Will you need additional health insurance? What will happen to your current home? Are there any pets that will need new accommodations?

For more questions to ask before deciding to look for work abroad, check out Expat Daily News article and forum: 10 Questions to Ask and Answer before Moving Abroad

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