Last Minute Graduation Details

college-last-minuteAlong with the big preparations made before college graduation and life ahead there are the details that can easily get overlooked or forgotten. Your college will probably do a good job at reminding you to pick up your graduation robe, pay that library fine or give your forwarding address but here is the list of to-do’s just in case you forget.

Check in with the career center while you are still on campus.

If you don’t have a job yet it is important for you to take advantage of on campus offerings as long as you can. Set up a mock interview and get advice about applying for jobs on the career center website.

Student loans?

Don’t forget to complete the financial aid exit interview/assessment. You will most likely be notified of this mandatory student loan process as your college career and loan borrowing comes to an end. It might be a pain to do but it really will leave you with important knowledge.

Change your forwarding address.

Important documents might have been coming to your college SPO (student post office box) for the past four years so be sure to provide a proper forwarding address to your school so you don’t miss any timely mail.

Clear up any campus charges/late fees or unanticipated bills before leaving.

Dealing with unforeseen charges is much easier while you are still on campus. You might have a library book checked out, maybe an unpaid parking ticket or payment with the financial aid or registrar’s office. Take care of expenses now so you don’t get surprised with a bill a few months later.

Pick up your graduation gown and other “day of” essentials.

Plans for graduation begin before you are even aware. Ordering your gown size and number of tickets for the family, and scheduling graduation activities will most likely happen during your first semester. Take care of these details right away and put your robe, hat and tassel somewhere safe so you won’t lose them before the big day.

Sell your books back before you leave campus.

If you have been keeping your books in your room from the past four years of classes you probably have a pretty good pile. Sell the ones you don’t want or won’t need to younger students or check with the campus bookstore about selling them back for a reduced price.

Organize your stuff and prepare to move.

You are probably sick of moving at this point in your college career but this time you are moving for good. Start sending things home midway through the year, like winter clothes and decorations, so you don’t have to worry about it all at once. You have enough to think about at the end of the year so having less to move will help make the final frenzy of activity a little less hectic.

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