Folk High School Spotlight: Sigrid Arneson

bio1Name: Sigrid Arneson

Age: 19

Hometown: Stoughton, WI

Folkehøgskule: Hallingdal in Gol

Linje (Course): Idrett

What made you decide to go to a Folkehøgskule in Norway?

Not fully knowing what I wanted to study in college and where to go, I thought this was perfect transition year to do something that was different and fun.

Why did you choose your Folkehøgskule?

I wanted a school that was relatively close to some friends and family that I have in Norway. Hallingdal has a sports line in which they have done a lot of different activities, and the school also provided some language lessons for foreigners.

How did Sons of Norway effect your decision?

I have been involved with Sons of Norway my whole life. Attending Masse Moro for six years and learning about Norway made me want to live there for a year to experience the culture and language. The Sons of Norway Scholarship opportunities were an added bonus and the article in the Viking magazine on Folkehøgskuler sparked my interest.

What was the biggest surprise to you living in Norway?

Transportation, In Norway it seems that there is a train and bus stop in every town. I have gotten used to taking both ways of transportation. Very different from home!

What have you enjoyed the most?

The close living quarters with all of the students. We all get along and can carry on conversations. There is always something going on at school, so I don’t get bored or homesick. I have enjoyed getting to travel around Norway with my class and do so many things that I had never imagined doing.

Do you have a funny story about adjusting to the culture?

Well I learned the hard way about teenage fashion. I came here wearing flare jeans, cut off t-shirts and sport headbands every day. When I started making friends, they just had to tell me the hard way that some of my things had to go. Now it is fine and I have actually grown to like the fashion, but I was really skeptical at first

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