Folk High School Spotlight: Rebecca Larson

rebecca.jpgName: Rebecca Larson

Age: 19

Hometown: Eagan, MN

Folkehøgskule: Manger near Bergen

Linje (Course): Folkedans

Years Attended: 2011-2012

What made you decide to go to a Folkehøgskule in Norway?

I learned about the folkehøgskule option attending Masse Moro summer camp. Many of the counselors at camp had gone to a Folkehøgskule and each had a very amazing yet different experience.

Why did you choose your Folkehøgskule?


I don’t really know exactly why I chose to go to Manger. Maybe it was because of the diversity in the lines offered there or how each of the four lines incorporated music. Though I don’t really know what made me chose Manger, I had an amazing year that amounted to a greater experience than I ever imagined.

How did Sons of Norway effect your decision?

Sons of Norway is the reason I was interested in going to school in Norway! I grew up in the organization attending meetings and summer camp, so I had a constant influence from the organization from an early age. I also received a scholarship from the Lund Fund, which helped me pay for the school.

What was the biggest surprise to you living in Norway?

I think what was the most different about living in Norway was the food. At school we ate a little different from what a family at home would typically cook and eat but in general the food was very different. At school we ate three meals of bread/open faced sandwiches and only one hot meal (dinner). I have grown to really like this eating pattern and have continued to eat these four meals a day.

What have you enjoyed the most?

Dance! Being part of the folkedans line at Manger, I got to dance every day. I really enjoyed getting to learn so many new dances and learn how they are supposed to be, not what they have evolved into in the US. Also I enjoyed all the new friends I have made in the small dance line of six girls.

Was it a challenge adjusting to the culture?

No, but I do know that it took a long time for me to get used to all the hiking in the mountains that Norwegians love to do. Now that I am back in the US though, I almost miss it.

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