Mobile Apps for the Job Hunt

mobile_apps.jpgThe job search has gone mobile with the invention of the smartphone. Using mobile apps to hunt for jobs is a great way to continue the search while you are on the go. You can take a minute to look and apply for job postings while you are waiting at the bus station or between classes. Other apps allow you to edit your resume, store networking contacts and arrange meetings with individuals in your industry. 


Making connections with people in the industry you are trying to break into is an effective way to hear about potential job openings. Apps like LunchMeet help you set up meetings with industry specific contacts with whom you can discuss your industry and career opportunities.

LinkedIn also has a mobile app to help you stay connected to other professionals via your LinkedIn account. You can use LinkedIn Mobile to connect with people you just meet and participate in industry specific online groups to make more connections.

Finding Jobs.

There are many apps out there to help you look for a job. Most of the main job search sites like  have their own apps that allow you to look at their job postings. Narrow down your search by choosing one or two apps you find easy to navigate. Also, try to find job boards that focus on your career interests. If the job board doesn’t have a mobile app you can often times still search for jobs by connecting to the site through your mobile web browser.


Keeping your resume mobile and shareable can be a great asset. You can use apps like Pocket Resume which allow you to email, edit and/or create resumes on your mobile device. Or consider using programs that allow you to sync documents from your computer to your mobile devices, such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Having your resume at the touch of your fingers can assist you when you find your dream job while waiting for your friends or if you happen to meet someone interested in you as a potential employee while you are out on the town.

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