5 Ways to Have a Better Scholarship Interview

scholarship_interview.jpgAn interview for a scholarship can appear as both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you have made it far enough along in the application process that you have an actually chance of receiving that large scholarship. On the other hand, you are now one among the elite finalists competing for the scholarship. You may be freaking out internally as you tell your friends and family how you are so excited for the opportunity. Don’t despair. Here a five ways for you to have a better scholarship interview. 

Be prepared.

What more is there to say? Just as you should prepare for a job interview, you should also prepare for a scholarship interview. Review your application and the information about the scholarship program. Plan out your outfit, map the route to the interview location, and practice your answers to standard scholarship interview questions. The more prepared you are for the interview, the less you will have to worry about as the day approaches.

Make a good first impression.

Now that you have prepared for your interview, be ready to impress. Arrive to your interview five to ten minutes early, in appropriate interview garb. Be polite and courteous to everyone, not just the individual(s) interviewing you. You only have one chance to introduce yourself, so try to put your best foot forward.

Be yourself.

An interview is an opportunity for you to show the parts of you that don’t always appear in resumes and applications. The interviewer(s) already like you by your accomplishments and application, but they want to get a sense of who you are as a person. If you work to hide your personality or change your answers for the interviewer’s benefit, you could actually be harming your chances of receiving the scholarship.

Focus on the questions.

You are there to answer the interviewer’s questions, don’t try to talk your way out of them or lose focus. Pay attention to what is being asked of you; consider your answer, than be precise and genuine. If you don’t understand a question or don’t know the answer, than let the interviewer(s) know. It is better to be honest than to babble about something you don’t know.

Remember to enjoy it.

It is an accomplishment to get to the interview round for most scholarships, enjoy that you have made it that far in the process. Seeing the positive side of the situation can allow you to be more relaxed and comfortable with the situation. Plus, your positive attitude is likely to make a good impression on the interviewer(s).


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