5 Things You Should Know Before You Study Abroad

reentryPreparing for an study abroad adventure? Taking your studies overseas is often a once in a lifetime experience. Before you ship out, there’s probably a ton of last minute things you’ll need to remember. It’s okay: we’re here to help!

Here are some last minute tips to help you have that extra special time of your life:

  • Get an International Student Identity Card (ISIC). These little cards can provide you with some great discounts around the world. Some study abroad programs require all students to get an ISIC in order to save money on group activities while abroad like shows, museums, restaurants, and more. For only $22 (USD) you can save hundreds of dollars while in your assigned country and other countries in which you might travel. Click here to order an ISIC now!
  • Set a Budget! This may seem very hard to do, especially because of the uncertainty of a new situation. You have probably already saved up a certain amount of money in anticipation for the trip but there are always surprises along the way. Factors to consider when budgeting include the cost of living within your assigned location, your living situation, opportunities for travel within your assigned country and to other countries, and your transportation needs.
  • Bring Pictures. Having pictures of family and friends that you can look at whenever you get homesick are nice to have on hand. It will happen occasionally and having pictures to look at will help homesickness pass.
  • Bring small gifts from home. If you are invited to the home of a local resident, having a small gift from your home to say thank you is usually treasured and much appreciated. It’s always nice to bring souvenirs from your home state or college. Explain where you are from and take pride in sharing cross-culturally.
  • Pack accordingly. It is always good to pack light but be prepared by bringing different outfits for various occasions and climates. Ask your professors what they recommend and find out if you can wash clothes at your destination. Be sure to bring comfortable shoes and a waterproof jacket just in case.

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