5 Tips for Fall Semester Success

fall_semesterThe start of the fall semester is finally here. For many of us, it means getting back into regular habits that have been neglected over the summer. Is it possible to flip the switch and get back into regular school mode? Probably not, but there is hope! With these helpful tips, you can more easily bridge the gap between the summer and your semester and ensure your academic success.

  1. Create goals. Goals are a great way to keep your eyes on the prize. You likely started off your college career by picking a major with the goal of getting a career in a specific field. Break down that goal into monthly or even weekly goals will help you stay on track. These incremental successes will help you on your path to academic and career success!
  2. Keep a calendar. Making the transition from the carefree days of summer to hectic pace of a semester can be a tricky balance. That’s why it’s important to keep track of important dates with the help of a calendar. Whether it’s one on your phone or in an assignment notebook, even the act of marking a date will help increase the likelihood you’ll remember it.
  3. Stick to a normal bedtime. Getting in regular rhythm has to include a normal sleep schedule. You might associate bedtimes with your youth, but they can be just as important once in your school, too. Getting a full night of sleep means you’ll be bringing your A game to class and not playing catch up later in the week. It won’t be easy, though, because keeping a normal bedtime means also being able to say no to late night events, but your grades will thank you for it later.
  4. Always go to class. Remember last spring when signing up for an 8:00 am class didn’t seem like a big deal? It still shouldn’t be. Keeping a routine, like going to class, is important to getting into a regular rhythm so that means always going to class no matter what time they start. Skipping an occasional class can start a trend that can be a dangerous path so it’s better to just attend.
  5. Stay upbeat! A summer of rest and relaxation has probably made the semester feel overwhelming, but a positive attitude will go a long way to helping ensure your academic success. Even taking a minute to rest and charge your batteries will help you in the long run.

These of course aren’t an exhaustive list of ways to get into a strong semester routine. If you’re looking for more help to meet your academic goals don’t forget about resources that are available on your campus. Your advisor, campus academic success center or library are all excellent resources to turn to when you’re looking for a bit of extra help!

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