How to Deal with Problems in the Office

Every work place has its own set of problems; this is because each is filled with a variety of personalities and work styles that can cause a butting of heads or create a very politically charged environment. 

conflictAvoid the Situation.

The first step to dealing with problems in the work place is avoidance. This does not mean that you should avoid your co-workers; rather you should avoid situations that could stir up trouble. Here are a few things you can do to avoid sparking problems:

  1. Never participate in negative gossip in the office. It is hard to not talk about the people around you and gossip can be a positive social builder, however participating in negative conversations about others opens you up to a variety of problems including the simple possibility that what you said will make its way back to the person you were talking about.
  2. Know the difference between personal and professional. Not all conversations are work appropriate, if it isn’t something you would tell a complete stranger it might be smart to consider what you are saying. The same goes for work behavior and habits.
  3. Generally, it is a good idea to keep your job search to yourself. Letting your employers know that you want to leave before you have the next job lined up can put you in a bad position. Try to follow the company’s policy for giving notice of your resignation.

Read this great list of the Top 20 work frustrations in “The Silent ‘Desk Rage’ Epidemic” from Time Magazine to stop small irritations from turning into work place problems.

When Avoidance Doesn’t Work

Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to avoid all of the problems you will experience at work. So, what should you do?

Take a breath and ask yourself what the best approach is for the problem. Depending on the size and repetition of a problem, your approach could be a direct conversation with a co-worker or seek advice and assistance from a supervisor to resolve the situation. Try to navigate the issue by not laying blame and remaining positive. Also, be sure to follow all of your work places policies and procedures.

A Last Resort

Sometimes problems in the work place may have no resolution and you will have to find a new job with a work environment that better fits your personality. Never be afraid to consider different options, you should feel happy, safe and comfortable at your job.


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