Phrases You Should be Using Every Day

things_to_say.jpgInterested in making a big difference in your classroom, workplace and home? Pick up on these things and say them every day in order to make a difference in your life and the people around you. These are small things but they truly can make a dramatic change to the day.

1. “Here’s what I’m thinking”

If you are already an authority figure this saying can open conversation up to collaboration and insightfulness. This lets others get a chance to hear your thoughts in a way that can include everyone.

2. “I was wrong”

When you are wrong, say you are wrong. It is important to show humility and be honest with yourself. Don’t try to save face if you know you are wrong about something. Nine times out of ten people will respect you more for admitting failure.

3. “That was awesome”

Give someone praises when you genuinely feel it is deserved. It’s ok to show emotion and get excited about someone’s job well done. Show them and they will show it back to you.

4. “Thank you” and “You’re welcome”

Giving a gift or offering assistance in some way can sometimes go unnoticed or unappreciated. A simple thank you from the receiver while looking the giver in the eye makes a big difference followed by the giver saying “you’re welcome, I was happy to do it”.

5. “Can you help me?”

Asking for help is a humbling question, especially if you are someone in a relatively higher position. People typically like helping because it is rewarding. Asking for help exposes your vulnerability, patience and respect, qualities important to a leader.

6. “I’m sorry”

Everyone makes mistakes and it is important to own up to them. Say you’re sorry when you truly mean it and be sure not to back it up with a disclaimer. Swallow your pride and give a genuine apology.

7. “Let me give you a hand”

Offering help can sometimes seem belittling or overwhelming. Everyone needs help at some point but they don’t always ask. If you can offer your expertise in a collaborative and respectful manner the person will appreciate the assistance.

Try these simple little phrases when appropriate and open yourself up to others around you. A more comfortable and patient environment might be transformed in your home, workplace, or school.

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