Stand Out Scholarship Applications

scholarship2014aScholarships are a valuable resource for college students to finance their education. However, the competition for certain scholarships can be high. You need a way to make your application stand out from the pile of other participants. Give yourself a better chance at getting a scholarship with these five ways to make your scholarship application stand out.

    1. Know your application audience.
      Be conscious of who will be assessing your scholarship application when writing essays and answering application questions. For example, if you are applying for a scholarship that awards volunteerism you want to be able to express your knowledge and/or experience on the subject. Customize the tone of each application to meet the application standards and expectations.
    2. Show your personality.
      You should show your personality in your scholarship application as much as you can while remaining in the parameters of the application requirements. Scholarship judges often times want to know who you are as an individual, hence the requirement of some scholarship essays.
    3. Share your passion.
      Show how you are the best candidate for the scholarship award by sharing your passion for the scholarship subject. Whether the scholarship is for a specific subject or is a general academic scholarship, being able to show that the scholarship will help you fulfill your dreams by following your passion can be a positive. However, be sure that you are meeting the scholarship requirements when you are sharing your passion.
    4. Make things clear.
      Be sure that the information on your scholarship application is clear and correct. Take time to double check your answers and application essay. Do not have grammatical and spelling errors. Being sloppy with your application could cost you the scholarship.
    5. Ask for help.
      Do not be afraid to ask for help with your scholarship application. If you do not understand a question or have history with bad grammar, ask someone with more knowledge on the subject to give you some pointers. Applying for scholarships can be overwhelming, but asking for help can sometimes make the situation more manageable.

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