New Scholarship: Douglas Warne – Rolf & Wenche Eng Scholarship

Scholarship Name: Douglas Warne – Rolf & Wenche Eng Scholarship

Provider: Sons of Norway Foundation

Scholarship Amount: $3000

Scholarship Description:

The Warne-Eng Scholarship creates an opportunity for qualified applicants to attend educational institutions in Norway and assists with the major costs of tuition, room and board. This scholarship is endowed and funded by Douglas Warne in honor and remembrance of his experiences at the University of Oslo, International Summer School and the friendship and assistance provided by Rotary through the Rolf and Wenche Eng family during that school year and subsequent visits to Norway. Both affected his choices in life and profession. In 2013, Warne marked being active in his local Scandinavian Community for more than 50 years. He is past president of Norwegian Commercial Club, Leif Erikson Lodge of the Sons of Norway, secretary of Leif Erickson Recreation Board and a member of the Board of Governors of the Sons of Norway Foundation.


Any current American or Canadian members of the Sons of Norway or Rotary, as well as their children or grandchildren, are eligible to apply. Those students without family members in Sons of Norway or Rotary may select an advocate, or representative from either organization to sponsor the application. Students do not have to be currently enrolled in school. Applicants of any age who have completed one full year of college level work, and have been accepted by an educational institution in Norway for undergraduate work, are eligible.


  1. Latest available grade transcripts (grades received and courses taken). Official transcripts may be required once an applicant is tentatively selected.
  2. Involvement in the community (volunteer activities, especially Sons of Norway or Rotary).
  3. Two letters of recommendation testifying to the applicant’s good character and educational interests or job related skills.
  4. Financial need (cost of study in Norway educational program and gap to be made up by student)
  5. 500 word essay on the educational plan and purpose of the study in Norway, how their course of study will benefit their community Douglas Warne – Rolf & Wenche Eng Scholarship “We award scholarships and grants to promote the heritage and culture of Norway,and provide assistance to our members, lodges and their communities.” —Sons of Norway Foundation Mission Statement 01/16 and be in accord with the goals and objectives of the Sons of Norway Foundation:
    Promote improved international relationships
    • Provide people-to-people enrichment programs
    • Promote cultural exchange
    • Promote humanitarian causes
    Or objectives of the Rotary:
    • We are 1.2 million neighbors, friends, and community leaders who come together to create positive, lasting change in our communities and around the world.

How to Apply:

Online at

While filling in the online form the applicant will be asked to write an essay, setting forth in 500 words or less how you intend to pursue your career. Indicate your long-term career goals and your involvement in Sons of Norway, youth, community and research activities. Applicants should also state how their course of study will benefit their community and be in accord with the goals and objectives of the Sons of Norway Foundation:

  • Promote Improved International Relationships
  • Provide People-to-People Enrichment Programs
  • Promote Culture Exchange
  • Promote Humanitarian Causes

The applicant must obtain three letters of recommendation, describing his or her character and abilities, and an “official copy” of his or her latest high school or college year transcript. These documents must be uploaded in the application portal, which is indicated during the application process. These requirements are no longer accepted via e-mail.

Deadline: April 1

Provider Description:

The Sons of Norway Foundation is dedicated to funding activities that preserve and promote Norwegian heritage, positively affect members, and make Sons of Norway communities a more vibrant place to live. Be it through a student’s scholarship for study, a cultural exchange experience, or assisting lodges to provide quality programs and community events – the Sons of Norway Foundation is true to its mission.

Established in 1966, our focus and offerings have grown to include several categories of scholarships and four categories of grants. Our passion is focused on the following areas:

  • Creating opportunities for higher education as a means for success.
  • Showcasing our unique Norwegian heritage to wider audiences.
  • Exploring cross-cultural exchanges.
  • Providing humanitarian support to Sons of Norway members who are victims of natural disasters.

We have awarded $1,375,000 in scholarships, $390,000 in grants and more than $500,000 in humanitarian aid.

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