Take a Ride and Explore Norway on a Budget

Norway has stunning natural beauty that takes weeks to truly absorb. While cruises through the fjords of Western Norway have become a popular option for viewing Norway’s magnificent scenery, there is an alternative way to see the country: by train. The public train system in Norway, operated by NSB, provides a fantastic way to make the entire country your destination. While most fjord cruises are limited to touring Western Norway, NSB service provides access to nearly every part of the country, including the fjords of 1920px-NSB_Di_4_SaltfjellWestern Norway. In fact, Lonely Planet lists two of NSB’s routes through Western Norway as the #1 and #2 most scenic train routes in Europe. With a Norway-by-train itinerary, you can see the gentle sandy shoulders of Norway in Kristiansand, the ever-growing metropolis of Oslo, the mountainous heart of the country in Eastern Norway, and the fabled Viking capital Trondheim. If you are feeling adventurous you can also explore the hem of the Arctic Circle in Bodø, from which you can take a ferry to see the famous Lofoten islands.

Traveling by train also allows you to see the country in comfort as the economy seating rivals the most continental European first-class offerings. The potential for adventure, flexibility of travel, and comfort are not even the best part! NSB sells a set number of reduced fare tickets for 249 NOK (~32USD) for each destination, regardless of the distance. We can attest to this because fellow Fulbrights have traveled from Bodø to Stavanger, a journey of roughly 1,700 km (1050mi.) and 27 hours for exactly that price.

Given the ease, comfort, and cost of traveling with NSB, Norway is viable destination that is just begging for you to explore it. For more information on what Norway has to offer and the public train system, please visit the following websites:

Visit Norway

Lonely Planet: Norway

Virtual Tourist: Transportation in Norway

This map shows all the stops on NSB’s route.

Dr. Mona Anita K. Olsen is an Assistant Professor at Cornell University and Associate Academic Director of the Leland C. and Mary M. Pillsbury Institute for Hospitality Entrepreneurship. In 2010, she founded iMADdu, a non-profit organization focused on developing a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Katie Chan is a student at Cornell University pursuing her bachelors degree in bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Restaurant Administration.



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