Getting Set for Summer School

As temperatures rise and the dreams of summer become reality, the unanimous sighs of relief echo from students everywhere as spring semester finally comes to an end. During this time, the last thing many students want to embrace is the added work of a summer course. However, summer classes can be a refreshing change from the traditional scheduling structure of a full-time course load.

Summer classes don’t have to be a hassle — they can be a great way to stay on track, get ahead or experience something new. So, how can you make the most out of your summer courses without feeling like you’re losing the freedom of summer?

Spice things up

Summer can be the perfect time to take those fun elective courses that normally wouldn’t fit into your schedule. Whether you’ve wanted to take a foreign language or try out your skills in ceramics, summer is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of elective courses and expand your knowledge in areas you wouldn’t explore otherwise. So spice things up and browse the course catalog for exciting elective courses – make your summer class fun by trying something new.

Focus on value courses

study_tipsA full-time course load pulls students in several different directions at once, making it next to impossible to focus on one course at a time. Summer can be a great opportunity for students to take a major course that requires a bit more attention or has a larger work load. High-value courses that are essential to a student’s future workplace success may be better slotted for the summer when there’s more time and energy to focus on the content. By taking an important course over the summer, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to get more out of the class, which will better prepare you for the profession you’re pursuing.

Go abroad

Many students don’t consider the option of summer study abroad programs. Choosing a summer program abroad will expand your worldly knowledge and allow you to discover a new culture, while also giving you the opportunity to stay on track or work ahead on your studies. By utilizing the summer months to go abroad, you can not only take advantage of a once in a lifetime experience, but also bring home some valuable college credits.

For more information about summer programs abroad, or to find out which programs collaborate with your university, consult your home institution’s education abroad office.

Don’t let the temptation of summer leisure dissuade you from taking charge of your education. By trying something new, taking a high-value course or even experiencing education abroad, you can get the most out of your summer learning experience without the added stress and packed schedules that come along with fall and spring semesters.

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