New Job: Norwegian Instructor

Title:  Norwegian Instructor

Hiring Company: Washington Language Center

Company Description:  Washington Language Center is a respected leader in providing U.S. Government, military, and multinational corporations with top quality cross-cultural training. Our services include foreign language training, cultural awareness training, language testing and multicultural communications training.

Application Link:

Location: Arlington, VA, United States

Industry: Education

Job Type: Full-time, Part-time

Application Deadline: None Specified

Description:   Language and Culture Instructor I will work onsite at the School of Language Studies (SLS) at the US Department of State’s (DOS) Foreign Service Institute (FSI) in Arlington, VA. FSI provides foreign language training, testing and other language support services to DOS employees and other government agencies in over 70 foreign languages. Enrollments in the school surpass 2000 students annually including up to 1000 distance learning enrollments.

SLS consists of approximately 450 technical and professional personnel with expertise in the field of foreign language teaching, culture, and applied linguistics. Successful candidates for the posted position may join existing teaching, testing, or program management staff composed of government employees and contractors. The settings within which the work is conducted include large- and small-group classrooms, most of which are equipped with interactive SmartPanels or Smart Boards; facilities for video and audio recording; multimedia and innovation labs; distance learning mentoring rooms; testing rooms; standard offices; and an information center.

Language Instruction

  • Plan and/or conduct small and/or large group language classes using a wide variety of language teaching methodologies and techniques, stressing speaking, listening comprehension, and reading skills. In most cases, the Government will provide the teaching materials. Using the foreign language as a tool to accomplish United States Government objectives is the ultimate goal of the training that SLS provides.
  • Use established training materials and work collaboratively and closely with other instructors, under the direct guidance of the COR, ACOR, or GTM, who is usually the Language Training Supervisor (LTS), on training and/or testing matters.
  • In collaboration with the COR, ACOR, or GTM and others, adapt teaching techniques and approaches to the students’ individual learning styles and needs. ·
  • Provide feedback and analysis of the students’ progress and problems to the COR, ACOR, or GTM and to instructional and other staff as appropriate.
  • Provide students with encouragement and constructive feedback.
  • Apply classroom management techniques to provide a respectful, student-centered environment conducive to learning.
  • Conduct informal or formal progress evaluations and/or administer weekly quizzes and assessments to evaluate student progress.
  • Attend all section and other meetings as appropriate.
  • Incorporate the use of instructional technology into the instructional program as appropriate and in collaboration with the COR, ACOR, or GTM.
  • Serve part-time as a mentor to distance learning students with COR, ACOR, or GTM approval. (Part-time DL instruction will supplement in class instruction on occasions where the amount of students cannot accommodate a full-time DL instructor provided in CLIN 7).
  • Collaborate with staff in the Learning Consultation Service (LCS) in whatever way deemed appropriate by the
  • COR, ACOR, or GTM. The LCS is a unit in SLS with specialists who assist language students with their learning by providing counseling and administering and interpreting diagnostic instruments which assess learning styles and preferences.
  • With pre-approval by the COR, ACOR, or GTM, plan and/or participate in non-classroom activities in the Washington area. Participation is strictly voluntary. Activities may include visits to foreign embassies, local community organizations, community centers, neighborhoods, shopping areas, and restaurants where heritage speakers live and congregate, and often involve pre-visit training and after-action follow up.
  • Participate in the planning and delivery of language immersions. Participation is strictly voluntary. Immersions may consist of one or more days of activities that take place outside of the Washington area, either domestically in the United States or overseas, and contain substantial non-classroom-like activities that foster practical, natural use of the language.
  • As required by the COR, ACOR, or GTM, follow techniques, methodologies, and approaches used by the office/ section.
  • As required by the COR, ACOR, or GTM, maintain attendance records for students.

Materials and Curriculum Development (If Needed)

  • Collaborate with the COR, ACOR, or GTM to participate in and support, on a part-time basis, the development of language training materials or SLS-relevant reference materials, including but not limited to text, audio, video, and technology-based media. All materials become the property of the United States Government, and the Contractor may not copy or reproduce them in any way for use outside of an FSI class, share them by any means outside of FSI, or publish them in any way without the express permission of the Government.
  • Assist with the creation and field-testing of new teaching, study, student advisory, and/or testing materials.
  • Assist with the recording of audio or video materials to be used in conjunction with established language training curricula or as ancillary resources for student self-directed study.
  • Assist in in-service staff development and orientation activities, including giving presentations or facilitating workshop sponsored by FSI.
  • As needed, assist with the development of SLS-relevant research and development projects, including but not limited to instructional research and development and institutional (management) data handling and analysis.
  • As needed, assist with reviewing and editing foreign language and/or English in instructional materials.
  • Adhere to all copyright guidelines and restrictions and follow FSI and SLS procedures regarding copyright.
  • As needed, assist with drafting required documents in the curriculum development project well as provide status updates on approved projects on request.

Testing (If Needed)

  • As needed and on a part-time basis, assist with testing for language proficiency examinations, interacting with the examinee in the instructor’s native language or language in which the instructor has near-native proficiency.
  • Support for proficiency tests may be face-to-face or by telephone or other technology-based medium (recorded audio, recorded video, videoconferencing). The instructor may support testing by providing information to an examiner about the examinee’s performance on various parts of the test and about the content of the texts used in the test, and assists with the selection and/or preparation of reading test materials.
  • On a strictly voluntary basis, may have the opportunity to become a certified tester by the FSI Language Testing Unit (LTU). Duties of the tester are defined by documentation in the LTU (provided post-award). FSI/
  • SLS/LTU provides all training required for attaining FSI Tester certification. The training process takes approximately one year to complete and includes a 40-hour introductory workshop, approximately 25 hours of review classes and mentoring meetings with a Testing Mentor, a written assessment on testing processes, observations of at least three official exams, conducting mock practice exams, and conducting official exams observed by the Testing Mentor or LTU Operations Manager to complete certification. (To become a certified tester the contractor must submit a request to their PM and the PM is to then send the request to the COR/ACOR for approval).
  • Assist with the creation and testing of new reading kits to be used in face-to-face, telephone or field testing.
  • Participate in producing audio or video materials for use in conjunction with LTU testing training.
  • May be requested to conduct end of training tests at one of FSI’s field schools overseas.
  • Adhere to all guidelines and follow all procedures regarding testing material security and safeguarding test score data.

Primary duties for all levels of instructors will be that which fall under the Language Instruction portion of this position description. Duties that fall under _Materials and Curriculum Development or Testing_ , will be to support those positions actually performing these services in a full time capacity, under the appropriate CLIN.

These should be extra, infrequent supporting duties that shall not be a majority of the duties provided by the Language Instructor CLINs.


Required Qualifications :

Possess independently-obtained work authorization with a minimum of one year remaining in US employment eligibility.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • BS/BA or MS/MA or foreign equivalent degree in relevant language education field preferred.
  • Experience teaching foreign language(s) to adult learners in a classroom setting preferred.
  • Experience developing foreign language instructional materials and/or curricula preferred.
  • Experience teaching with the communicative approach preferred.
  • Experience incorporating a variety of educational technology in teaching preferred.
  • Experience teaching blending learning activities valued.
  • Experience integrating social media applications for educational purposes valued.
  • Experience teaching with task-based learning materials valued.
  • Experience administering proficiency-based assessments valued.
  • Experience teaching with vocabulary-based language learning materials valued.
  • Experience delivering training targeted to needs of diplomatic community valued.

Clearance: National Agency Check with Inquiries (NACI), background check

Location: The School of Language Studies (SLS) at the U.S. Department of State’s (DOS) Foreign Service Institute (FSI), Arlington, Virginia

How to apply:   Apply via job posting site.

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