Learning Norwegian Online

Learning a language takes time and effort, and there is no one method that works for every person and every learning style. Your success will depend on a number of factors. Have you learned another language before? Which language? Are you a visual or aural learner? Do you prefer to have a teacher that you can see and interact with, or are you motivated to teach yourself? Do you just want the basics, or are you aiming for conversational Norwegian?

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Take a Ride and Explore Norway on a Budget

Norway has stunning natural beauty that takes weeks to truly absorb. While cruises through the fjords of Western Norway have become a popular option for viewing Norway’s magnificent scenery, there is an alternative way to see the country: by train. The public train system in Norway, operated by NSB, provides a fantastic way to make the entire country your destination. While most fjord cruises are limited to touring Western Norway, NSB service provides access to nearly every part of the country, including the fjords of 1920px-NSB_Di_4_SaltfjellWestern Norway. In fact, Lonely Planet lists two of NSB’s routes through Western Norway as the #1 and #2 most scenic train routes in Europe. With a Norway-by-train itinerary, you can see the gentle sandy shoulders of Norway in Kristiansand, the ever-growing metropolis of Oslo, the mountainous heart of the country in Eastern Norway, and the fabled Viking capital Trondheim. If you are feeling adventurous you can also explore the hem of the Arctic Circle in Bodø, from which you can take a ferry to see the famous Lofoten islands.

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Norway and the UN

un (1).jpgYou may not have realized it, but the United Nations marked its 70th General Assembly session this year. The intergovernmental organization was chartered in June 1945, before the end of World War II and has been involved in peace efforts around the world ever since. While the mission and work of the UN are fairly well known, some people aren’t as familiar with Norway’s early contributions to the organization.

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Human Rights Day 2015

hrd (1).jpgDo you know what December 10th marks? Human Rights Day! It’s a day that not only marks the anniversary of the passage of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but also raises the awareness of human rights issues around the globe. Human Rights Day 2015 marks the 67th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Few countries have done more for international human rights than Norway. To mark the day, we’re going to highlight the growth of human rights and Norway’s central role in making them a global priority.

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Norwegian Berries

norwegian_berriesThe growing season in Norway is fairly short, so only certain fruits can thrive. One of the better suited fruits are berries, thanks to the cooler summer weather and long daylight hours. So it should come as no surprise that Norwegians are wild about foraging and picking. Berry season begins in late June with strawberries and lasts through mid-October with black currants. Because of the brief season, berries that cannot be used immediately are frozen, or made into jam.

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National Treasures

Norway’s fortresses bring history to life.

national_treasure.jpgFrom the perfect, eight-pointed star of Vardøhus and its green grass surrounded by dark sea, to the Møvik fort, home to one of the world’s biggest cannons, Norway’s fortresses all hold secrets of the past. They sound like the swish of an executioner’s sword and the prayerful chants of monks, like the clank of prison gates and the poppoppop of German anti-aircraft guns.

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Learning for Life

What Should I do Next?

This is the dilemma that faced Anna of Madison, WI when she graduated high school. Just like many recent graduates she didn’t know what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

10-9learninglifepg.jpgHaving visited Norway once before and having been involved in Sons of Norway, she decided to try something different from many of her college-bound friends. She enrolled at a Norwegian folk school, or folkehøgskule. “Folk schools are about learning for life,” says Anna. “A lot of kids graduate from high school and it’s a cliché to go straight to college. But there is so much out there. To be out of my comfort zone was hard but it was the best year of my life.”

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