Museum Mania

Viking magazine’s guide to Norway’s must-see museums.

museum_mania.jpgLike the ancient Viking forebears of this Nordic nation, visitors to Norway may arrive from across the sea in search of a wealth of treasures—both tangible and cultural. There’s no need to feel lost at sea, however. Simply follow Viking’s guide to Norway’s must-see museums, from the preserved Viking ships themselves to the 20th-century masterpieces of a national treasure, Edvard Munch. Consider these only a few points from which to set sail on a memorable, rich Norwegian holiday.

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Hit the Road

The Viking staff scours North America in search of the best Norwegian heritage stops: Viking ships, runestones and trolls, to name a few!

hit_the_road.jpgYou don’t need to hop on a plane to explore your Norwegian heritage; there are plenty of museums, monuments and attractions right in your own backyard—or at least within driving distance. To get you started, Viking has assembled more than 30 destinations teeming with Nordic culture, mapped out by region. Make a day trip to the attraction nearest you, or plan a road trip filled with Nordic sites along the way. Explore your ancestry, nosh traditional foods or take a ride in a replica Viking ship! along the way, check out one of the many Leif Eriksson monuments scattered across the United States, or visit one of the six Norwegian Seaman’s Churches dotting the coasts.

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Moods of Norway

moods.jpgInspired by the Norwegian countryside, Moods reflects the bright, bold colors and patterns of cutting edge fashion with a playful signature nod to Norwegian heritage in every garment.

The Norwegian design trio Simen Staalnacke, Peder Børresen and Stefan Dahlkvist has one mission: make happy clothes for happy people. Moods of Norway’s humble roots started in Stryn, Norway, but throughout the past six years the brand has exploded onto the international fashion scene with boutiques popping up around the world (and outfitting a slew of celebrities along the way).

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