10 Tips for Norwegians Wanting to Attend College in the United States

norwegian_student.jpgWith its over 4,500 colleges and universities, the United States of America still offers the greatest higher education system in the world.  Many of these colleges actively recruit international students to join their student body.  So, if you are a Norwegian student, you are already at an advantage for acceptance. Don’t miss out on this great life experience awaiting you across the Atlantic Ocean! Here are ten tips for Norwegians wishing to attend college in the USA. 

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Colleges vs. Universities

Whats the Difference?collegeuniversity
Choosing a school is hard enough but trying to decide whether to go to a small college or big university can make all the difference in your higher education experience. There are so many options to think about when deciding on your location of higher education. If you already know what you want to study that narrows it down but it is definitely important to understand all of your options. Both Americans and international students looking to study in the states should understand the difference between colleges and universities.

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Private vs. Federal Loans: Which is Better?

loansCollege can be a pricey endeavor. For students without scholarships or who don’t have generous parents to fall back on, there are few options left to pay for their education. Working during school is an one option, however many degree paths don’t allow for the time commitment to hold down a job. This leaves student loans as the only viable alternative to pay for school for many students. Continue reading “Private vs. Federal Loans: Which is Better?”

Filing Your FAFSA Form

165Unless you filed for an extension, by now you should have filed your 2014 income taxes. If you’re a student, this means it’s time to submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA. To a lot of us, the FAFSA process is an inconvenient stop on the path to getting access to our financial aid for the upcoming school year. However, it’s exactly this laissez faire approach to filling out the FAFSA application that allow for mistakes to happen. These short sighted mistakes can throw major wrenches in your fall semester and create some significant headaches. Continue reading “Filing Your FAFSA Form”

Last Minute Graduation Details

college-last-minuteAlong with the big preparations made before college graduation and life ahead there are the details that can easily get overlooked or forgotten. Your college will probably do a good job at reminding you to pick up your graduation robe, pay that library fine or give your forwarding address but here is the list of to-do’s just in case you forget. Continue reading “Last Minute Graduation Details”

More Tips for Your First Year of College

Tackling that first year in college is scary, exciting, and nerve-wracking but ultimately it is some of the best times of your life. You are starting a new chapter in your life–there is so much ahead and in store. Let’s add some more advice to your plate and remember to take everything in stride.

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Norwegian Language Camps

summercamp2.jpgNorwegian summer camps are a great way to introduce kids to their heritage along with others who share the same excitement and passion for a fun learning experience. Kids attend camp to learn Norwegian language, play Viking games, eat traditional foods, learn Norwegian history and culture and enjoy the summer days with friends while gaining confidence and independence.

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Conquering the First Year of College

college_freshman.jpgWhile making preparations for your freshman year of college there is typically plenty of advice given from family, friends, teachers and co-workers. Some of that advice may be greatly appreciated and some may not. There is a lot of pressure at this age. You are making decisions that will affect the rest of your life while growing up and learning to become independent. It should be a time to enjoy young adulthood, try new things and learn from life experiences. Here is some advice that you should not overlook when it comes to conquering the freshman year of college.

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Schools with in the U.S. with Norwegian Ties

Your higher education can influence your choices and options for the rest of your life. In order to get the most out of this education, choose a school that you feel will provide a strong foundation for your future. Finding the right school can be daunting, but thinking about your interests and potential career goals can help start this process.

Many schools in the U.S. hold strong ties to Norway. These schools are likely to have Norwegian foreign exchange students as well as connections to study abroad opportunities throughout Scandinavia. The following colleges and universities offer Norwegian and/or Scandinavian studies programs for those interested in learning more about the history, language, and culture of Norway.

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