Boost Your Resume Through Volunteering

Volunteering was once seen as a way to beef up your resume when it was lacking in other areas, but not something that really made a difference to employers in the hiring process. These days, employers are viewing volunteering in a more positive light and considering it to be a valuable component of a candidate’s background. This change means that you can now do something that makes you feel good, while truly gaining valuable skills that will round out your resume.

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5 Things to Remember Before You Volunteer Abroad

Learn About the Country Where You Will be Volunteering

volunteering2.jpgGet excited about the country where you will be volunteering abroad. Before leaving to volunteer, research the culture, history and current events.  Also, try learning a few important phrases, like “hello” and “I am a volunteer,” in the native language. The more you know before you go, the better you will be able to interact with your new surroundings. Once you have arrived, put this information to use and explore.

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Consider Volunteering Abroad:A Different Way to Travel

volunteer_abroad.jpgWhile studying abroad is the most prominent form of student travel promoted by colleges, volunteering abroad is a great way to gain some experience while traveling on a smaller budget. Whether you are interested in learning a language, immersing yourself in a different culture or are simply looking for an international adventure, volunteering abroad can be a great way to meet your needs and interests.

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