The Do’s & Don’ts of Social Media


As social media has evolved into its current ubiquitous form, an online wealth of personal information has become easily accessible by millions of users – including employers. Though these platforms can be great ways to stay in touch with old friends and connect with users from around the world, remember that what you say and do online is evocative of your personal brand – it shows others who you are as a person. How do you want to portray yourself, especially when potential employers are watching?

Organizations are becoming increasingly active on social media. Whether it’s vetting a job candidate or checking up on a particular employee, social media can have an effect (either positive or negative) on one’s current or future career. Below we outline a few rules to help keep your social media accounts professional and work appropriate.

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Life Insurance in Your 20’s

life_ins.jpgIf you are in your early-to-mid 20’s, life insurance is probably the furthest thing from your mind right now. If someone were to suggest it, you’d probably think, “Why in the world would I want to own life insurance? I’m so young, I just finished college, and I’ll buy it later when I earn more money. In reality the truth may surprise you that now actually is the best time to purchase and own life insurance.

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7 Life Insurance Myths for Young Adults

younginsThere are many misconceptions about life insurance, and who should invest in it. Policies can be complex and difficult to understand, and life insurance has the unpleasant association with death, so it’s just easier not to think about it. 40% of adults have no life insurance, according to the Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education (LIFE).  Here are the top 7 myths about life insurance for young adults and the facts behind them.  

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The Student Loan Debt Crisis

Student loan debt is on the minds of millions of Americans, including students, their parents, financial institutions, and government officials, all of whom are trying to deal with the growing debt crisis.

college_debt.jpgRecent statistics are clear that this issue affects a large segment of the country with approximately 37 million Americans living with outstanding student loan debt. This isn’t a new problem, in fact 60% of these people are adults age 30 and over and they are responsible for 610 billion in outstanding student loan debts. More recent grads who are under 30 make up the remaining 40% and account for another $292 billion. About a decade ago the number of college dropouts who took out loans were less than 25%, today that number has risen to 30% implying that college dropouts are on the rise.

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Staple Foods on a Budget

stapleHas anyone ever told you not to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach? Well it’s true, and most people will agree. You crave almost everything you see and in the end you buy unnecessary items. There is a better way to cook and shop while staying on a budget. Buy these staple foods and learn to get creative. Living on a budget does not mean you have to eat ramen every night, but it does mean you need to be smart about what you buy and what you make. Convenience foods are a lifesaver when it’s 6 o’clock on a weekday and you have no dinner plans. Be aware that this list does not take into account food allergies or restrictions.

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Your Post-Graduation Finances

finance_tips.jpgYou got your first job out of college and if you nailed the job before graduation you are probably feeling pretty good about life after college. You decide to live with some other grads in order to save some money. You have no more homework, you are all grown up and independent and ready to conquer the new job. But wait, you have to pay bills, buy groceries, regularly buy gas to drive to work and find nice furniture for the apartment. And, don’t forget that student loan payments will be starting soon.

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