Colleges vs. Universities

Whats the Difference?collegeuniversity
Choosing a school is hard enough but trying to decide whether to go to a small college or big university can make all the difference in your higher education experience. There are so many options to think about when deciding on your location of higher education. If you already know what you want to study that narrows it down but it is definitely important to understand all of your options. Both Americans and international students looking to study in the states should understand the difference between colleges and universities.

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5 Tips for Fall Semester Success

fall_semesterThe start of the fall semester is finally here. For many of us, it means getting back into regular habits that have been neglected over the summer. Is it possible to flip the switch and get back into regular school mode? Probably not, but there is hope! With these helpful tips, you can more easily bridge the gap between the summer and your semester and ensure your academic success.

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Starting Your School Year Off Right

start_schoolWhether you’re ready or not, a new school year is upon us. Chances are you haven’t been keeping up the habits that helped you get through the last year; it’s a lot tougher to go to bed at a reasonable hour without the pressure of an 8:00 am class. To help get yourself prepared for the upcoming semester, here are five simple ways you get jump-start your good habits before the school year even starts.

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