Ways to Save When You’re Unemployed

Unemployment can be a scary situation, especially if you are a recent graduate with little work experience and a mountain of student loan debt. Fortunately, there are ways to save money even while you are unemployed. Here are some suggestions to cut down on spending so you can continue to pay off your debt or keep yourself afloat while you look for a new job.

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Budgeting with Mint.com


Creating a budget: it’s something everyone knows is important, in theory, but few people take the time to create and stick to one. Throughout history, setting a budget has required a lot of time and even more math. However, with the internet age comes a plethora of new ways to help you understand where you spend your money. Beyond tracking where your money goes, these budgeting sites includes tools to help you set goals for savings and long term, big purchases like a new home.

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Overdrafts and How to Avoid Them

overdraft.jpgCollege and post-college years can be lean times for your bank account. If you’re monitoring your account balance and trying to live within your means, it should be easy to avoid overdrafts, right? Not necessarily. Your bank’s policies and your personal account settings play a big role in whether your transaction will be approved or declined, and whether you incur a dreaded overdraft fee.

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Traveling on a Budget

travel_budget.jpgThere are many good reasons to travel, from checking a destination off your bucket list to simply using up a few vacation days. Despite how effortless it can look in the photos afterward, travel can seem intimidating and difficult in the beginning, especially if you’re not traveling with deep pockets. But with a little preparation and planning, you’ll be set to go, no matter the size of your budget.

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