The Bunad

Rebecca-Larson_RThere is a something special about owning a bunad and wearing it on Syttende Mai, Norway’s National Day. Let’s take a look at some of the history behind Norway’s bunad. The traditional costume dates its roots back to the Norwegian Romantic Nationalism period in the mid-19th century when, at that time, Norway was determined to secure a solid cultural identity. The Norwegian bunad is unique in that it is recognizable as Norway’s official dress, but it is individualized based on regional characteristics of color, pattern, style, and accessories. Since the 19th century the traditional costume has developed with the modern age and Norwegians who are lucky enough to own a bunad are always proud to show it off at significant occasions like confirmations, weddings, funerals and National holidays.

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Moods of Norway

moods.jpgInspired by the Norwegian countryside, Moods reflects the bright, bold colors and patterns of cutting edge fashion with a playful signature nod to Norwegian heritage in every garment.

The Norwegian design trio Simen Staalnacke, Peder Børresen and Stefan Dahlkvist has one mission: make happy clothes for happy people. Moods of Norway’s humble roots started in Stryn, Norway, but throughout the past six years the brand has exploded onto the international fashion scene with boutiques popping up around the world (and outfitting a slew of celebrities along the way).

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