National Treasures

Norway’s fortresses bring history to life.

national_treasure.jpgFrom the perfect, eight-pointed star of Vardøhus and its green grass surrounded by dark sea, to the Møvik fort, home to one of the world’s biggest cannons, Norway’s fortresses all hold secrets of the past. They sound like the swish of an executioner’s sword and the prayerful chants of monks, like the clank of prison gates and the poppoppop of German anti-aircraft guns.

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Antiques Roadshow

In the search for Norwegian antiques, great finds can be close to home.

antiques.jpgHere’s a distillation of 35 years of professional wisdom from Suzanne Kramer, an antique dealer who specializes in Scandinavian objects: “After I buy an object, I always, in an auction or a sale or whatever, seek out the oldest person there and try to get the stories from them, what they know about the family or the history.”

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VE Day in Norway

On May 8, 1945 Norwegians everywhere could finally celebrate their freedom after spending five long years under unyielding Nazi rule.

ve.jpgWhen the day of liberation came, “Hurrah! Hurrah!” was all that could be heard and the streets of every Norwegian city were flooded with flags. This momentous day was celebrated with singing, parades, and the warm embrace of fellow countrymen. Towns throughout Norway were awash in red, blue, and white. Continue reading “VE Day in Norway”