Human Rights Day 2015

hrd (1).jpgDo you know what December 10th marks? Human Rights Day! It’s a day that not only marks the anniversary of the passage of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but also raises the awareness of human rights issues around the globe. Human Rights Day 2015 marks the 67th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Few countries have done more for international human rights than Norway. To mark the day, we’re going to highlight the growth of human rights and Norway’s central role in making them a global priority.

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St. Olaf’s Day

st-olaf.jpgJuly 29th marks Olsok, or St. Olaf’s Day in Norway and coincides with Olsokdagen, the official Flag Day in Norway, but it’s roots run much deeper. Originally celebrated to honor the King, and later Saint, Olaf, the day has more than 900 years of history behind it. Lavish feasts and pilgrimages have celebrated his name, but who was Olaf II of Norway and why are we celebrating him today?

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Easter in Norway

The Norwegian’s idea of having a god påske consists of hiding away up in the mountains and enjoying the last available good snow for skiing in the early spring sunshine.

easter.jpgEaster is one of Norway’s biggest holidays, just as big as Christmas. Norwegians celebrate it all week with parties, family time and mountain hikes. A Norwegian Easter vacation offers plenty of opportunities for winter sports and good company. Most people have at least a week off so the possibilities are countless. Hotels, chalets and cabins are packed with people intent on having a good time, whatever the weather might be. It can be said that the entire country of Norway is shut down during the week of Easter in order to enjoy the holiday and the transition of seasons with family, friends and nature. Continue reading “Easter in Norway”