5 Questions to Clarify Your Career

career1Figuring out the career path you want to take can be a challenge for the college student or recent graduate who has little work experience. Sometimes it is hard to correlate your abstract thoughts about ideal work conditions with actual interests and your practical ability to be competent in the tasks you need to do to complete a job. To help you gain some clarity about your career, here are a few questions to ask yourself. Continue reading “5 Questions to Clarify Your Career”

Mobile Apps for the Job Hunt

mobile_apps.jpgThe job search has gone mobile with the invention of the smartphone. Using mobile apps to hunt for jobs is a great way to continue the search while you are on the go. You can take a minute to look and apply for job postings while you are waiting at the bus station or between classes. Other apps allow you to edit your resume, store networking contacts and arrange meetings with individuals in your industry. 

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