5 Tips for Using LinkedIn Effectively

linkedin.jpgClaiming to be “the world’s largest professional network,” LinkedIn has become a valuable tool for young professionals and job seekers. Allowing you to create a separate professional social network, LinkedIn has many opportunities to promote yourself while making connections with others in your field. To better utilize LinkedIn, follow the basic steps below.

Setting Up a Profile.


Before you can use LinkedIn you need to create a profile. Use the profile to define yourself while showing what you have already done and what you are looking to do in the future. Do not be afraid to share more than your work  experience, such as a blog or volunteer positions, as long as they correspond to your professional ambitions. Remember to keep the information clean and well edited.

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5 Tips for Better Networking

networking1.jpgWe all understand the importance of networking: gaining contacts, insight into the field and industry trends are all reasons why we network, but how do we become better at it? Like any skill, networking is an art, that gets better with use and experience. 

Here are five easy things you can do to improve your networking skills and make your job search more manageable:

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Mobile Apps for the Job Hunt

mobile_apps.jpgThe job search has gone mobile with the invention of the smartphone. Using mobile apps to hunt for jobs is a great way to continue the search while you are on the go. You can take a minute to look and apply for job postings while you are waiting at the bus station or between classes. Other apps allow you to edit your resume, store networking contacts and arrange meetings with individuals in your industry. 

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How Do You Maintain Your Network Abroad?

connected.jpgWhether you are working, studying or interning abroad it is important to think about how your move will influence your network. While living abroad will have many opportunities to expand your social and professional network, it could also be detrimental to the contacts you have in your home country. Consider seriously how you want to remain in contact with individuals while you are travelling. 

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