What are Norwegian Folk High Schools?

folk_high_schoolYou’re graduating from high school and have plans to work or attend college, but aren’t sure what you want to do. Have you considered taking a gap year and have a break from the cycle of study-paper-exam for a while? A Norwegian folkehøgskole or folk high school is a great way to do this and set yourself on a path of personal development and learning for learning’s sake. The goal is to reflect on who you are and what you want to be. Other traits that may be built in the process are confidence, creativity, maturity, cooperation, attitude, and self-knowledge.

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The Oslo International Summer School

What is OISS?

Oslo_UniversityOslo International Summer School (ISS) is a six week summer program located at the University of Oslo’s Blindern Campus in Oslo, Norway. The summer school program welcomes International students to create a community of learning, good will, and cultural understanding. Under-grad and Grad students can attend OISS to receive college credit, meet other young students from around the world, and experience a summer in the beautiful Norway. Approximately 550 students from around 90 different countries attend the summer school each year. Learn more by clicking here. Continue reading “The Oslo International Summer School”