Take a Ride and Explore Norway on a Budget

Norway has stunning natural beauty that takes weeks to truly absorb. While cruises through the fjords of Western Norway have become a popular option for viewing Norway’s magnificent scenery, there is an alternative way to see the country: by train. The public train system in Norway, operated by NSB, provides a fantastic way to make the entire country your destination. While most fjord cruises are limited to touring Western Norway, NSB service provides access to nearly every part of the country, including the fjords of 1920px-NSB_Di_4_SaltfjellWestern Norway. In fact, Lonely Planet lists two of NSB’s routes through Western Norway as the #1 and #2 most scenic train routes in Europe. With a Norway-by-train itinerary, you can see the gentle sandy shoulders of Norway in Kristiansand, the ever-growing metropolis of Oslo, the mountainous heart of the country in Eastern Norway, and the fabled Viking capital Trondheim. If you are feeling adventurous you can also explore the hem of the Arctic Circle in Bodø, from which you can take a ferry to see the famous Lofoten islands.

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Museum Mania

Viking magazine’s guide to Norway’s must-see museums.

museum_mania.jpgLike the ancient Viking forebears of this Nordic nation, visitors to Norway may arrive from across the sea in search of a wealth of treasures—both tangible and cultural. There’s no need to feel lost at sea, however. Simply follow Viking’s guide to Norway’s must-see museums, from the preserved Viking ships themselves to the 20th-century masterpieces of a national treasure, Edvard Munch. Consider these only a few points from which to set sail on a memorable, rich Norwegian holiday.

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Hit the Road

The Viking staff scours North America in search of the best Norwegian heritage stops: Viking ships, runestones and trolls, to name a few!

hit_the_road.jpgYou don’t need to hop on a plane to explore your Norwegian heritage; there are plenty of museums, monuments and attractions right in your own backyard—or at least within driving distance. To get you started, Viking has assembled more than 30 destinations teeming with Nordic culture, mapped out by region. Make a day trip to the attraction nearest you, or plan a road trip filled with Nordic sites along the way. Explore your ancestry, nosh traditional foods or take a ride in a replica Viking ship! along the way, check out one of the many Leif Eriksson monuments scattered across the United States, or visit one of the six Norwegian Seaman’s Churches dotting the coasts.

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Traveling on a Budget

travel_budget.jpgThere are many good reasons to travel, from checking a destination off your bucket list to simply using up a few vacation days. Despite how effortless it can look in the photos afterward, travel can seem intimidating and difficult in the beginning, especially if you’re not traveling with deep pockets. But with a little preparation and planning, you’ll be set to go, no matter the size of your budget.

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Norway’s Major Cities

big_cities.jpgNorway; the land of the midnight sun, a thousand waterfalls, the magical northern lights, fjords and coastal islands and nature lover’s paradise. What many people fail to recognize are the urban hubs in Norway. Norway’s land makes up approximately 241,000 square miles (including Svalbard) and their population just recently reached 5 million inhabitants in 2012. For comparison, Wisconsin on the other hand covers 65,000 square miles which is just about a third of Norway’s entire landmass. Wisconsin’s population on the other hand tops out at 5.6 million people which surpass Norway by over half of a million. The country’s topography is dominated by mountains, fjords and glaciers implicating that the 5 million people dwell primarily in small towns and bigger cities. A third of the population dwells in the six biggest cities ranging in population of almost 1 million in Oslo to 100,000 in Drammen. Let’s take a look at the four biggest cities in Norway.

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